By Claire Reilly with Patrick Avenell

As more male customers start to spend time on personal grooming and spend money on the kinds of products that help them to keep their five o’clock shadow, Conair has started a new campaign targeted at luring the male grooming dollar in retail stores.

Conair’s dedicated male grooming brand, VS for Men, has launched a new drive to “Tame the Beast”, with an integrated marketing campaign featuring new packaging on its product range, a revamped website and increased activity on social media.

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According to Conair’s marketing manager, Peter Brewer, the new brand campaign is all about bringing a new approach to the category.

“We wanted a fresh new look,” said Brewer. “And we wanted to communicate that we are an innovative, premium grooming specialist in an exciting way. The ‘Tame the Beast’ tagline really hits the mark. It’s unique, creative, funky and edgy; appealing to those looking for the latest gadgets.

“It also has humour, which is a great way to relate to the male consumer. Most importantly, it creates a strong call to action for both the male and female purchaser.”

The new packaging will be rolled out across products such as the VS For Men i-Pro, the i-Trim and the Metro Turbo Power, and will feature a leopard print design and a Tame the Beat stamp on the box.

It is this packaging that will help retailers to easily trade customers up “better quality and better performing products” from the VS range, which will ultimately “deliver a higher profit margin” according to Brewer.

“It underlines that we are delivering quality, high tech grooming tools designed for the alpha metro male,” he said.

VS For Men is rolling out new branding on its packaging to attract attention.