By Patrick Avenell

Sony has announced that until Father’s Day, this Sunday, customers who purchase selected products will be able to buy a PlayStation Portable (PSP) for only $35.

In another example of Sony using its gaming consoles as a loss leader to stimulate sales, visitors to any Sony Centre store will be able to purchase a PlayStation Portable, usually RRP $279, for only $35. This comes only a month after Sony gave away 35,000 PlaysStation 3s (PS3) in its pre-Olympics Bravia promotion.

A Sony spokesperson said the products eligible for the PSP promotion included “selected home theatre or receiver products as well as the TG1 Handycam camcorder”.

Although a good promotion for consumers, promotions such as these are not as exciting for retailers, who risk losing potential sales as customers flock to Sony Centres to take advantage of this offer. Unlike the PS3 promotion, which ran for just under a month, the week-long timeframe of this offer may reduce alleviate any negativity.