When it comes to keeping your shelf and floor stocked and customers happy, one of the biggest pain-points and challenges – especially when you’re a small or medium business – is finding your wholesalers and having a seamless process.

Thankfully that’s where smart wholesaling platform TradeSquare comes in. Launched late in 2020, it’s already become Australia’s largest and fastest-growing wholesale marketplace. It’s a game-changer for small and medium businesses across Australia in the retail industry (and beyond), giving them more opportunity than ever before to have direct digital access to hundreds of Australian wholesalers, competitive pricing, and easy checkouts.

If you’re looking for ways to source your appliances without the headache of the traditional way of getting them, there are huge benefits in joining the TradeSquare community.

It’s already Australia’s no.1 wholesale platform

With access to Australia’s largest wholesale inventory, this means you have choice, Boasting over 100,000 products and 400 sellers in a digital marketplace that looks, feels and acts more like an eCommerce retailer than a wholesaler catalogue, you can buy the brands and products you already love, and the ones that you didn’t know you needed, all at wholesale prices. Plus, with brands that offer free shipping and low to no minimum order amounts, it opens up doors that may have never been an option before. 

It’s a one-stop shop

Tired of the hassle of getting your kettles from one supplier and your steamers from another? Wouldn’t it be easier if you can do it all in one order at the one time? That’s exactly the kind of thing you can get on TradeSquare – buy from multiple sellers, add it all into one cart, and make one easy payment. 

Better yet, you can also throw in purchasing your office and business supplies, too.

This streamlined ordering process gives small and medium businesses more time to focus on what they need to do for business success, instead of wasting hours pushing around paper and juggling multiple orders.  

There’s a 100% price guarantee

See a price on another website or the wholesaler that’s cheaper than on TradeSquare? They’ll not only match the offer, but you’ll get an additional $25 off your order, too. That’s how committed they are to bringing you the best possible wholesale prices.

Buy now, pay later

Need a little flexibility with your payment terms? Don’t we all. Thankfully that’s another stress the platform can ease – TradeSquare offers 60 days of interest-free credit with Zip Biz so you can purchase what you need, get it ASAP, and worry about the payments later. 

The future of wholesaling is looking a whole lot brighter – especially for the smaller guys.