Australian electrical and electronic suppliers traditionally rely on their marketing teams for support. However, there are often challenges in areas that are outside the marketing domain such as sourcing and global supply chain, product management, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and other complex topics such as conflicts with regulators and retailers.

Boutique consultancy firm, GK Global Services provides on-demand assistance to suppliers facing these challenges. 

Manufacturing of electrical and electronic products sold in Australia usually takes place in overseas locations with factories willing to sell products to suppliers and promising seamless delivery. However, selecting the right factory and product, and having the order delivered to Australia can be quite challenging due to cultural differences and technical aspects. GK Global Services offers advice and hands-on assistance with overseas partners that can facilitate the entire global supply chain process. 

Even before placing an order with an overseas manufacturer, a market needs to be created for the product which can be tricky as retailers become increasingly selective of their purchases, and then selling products directly to consumers can be even more difficult. GK Global Services has been involved in this process on various occasions and can increase the rate of success by using modern management frameworks, such as the red/blue ocean strategy. 

Retailers and consumers also expect products to be safe and compliant with all applicable regulations with checks done before, during and after manufacturing. Further, a complex approvals process needs to be undertaken before the product hits the market. Having managed the quality and approvals cycle numerous times, GK Global Services can provide expert advice on these topics or hands-on assistance.

If a supplier faces a challenge from regulators, retailers, solicitors, or consumers which needs addressing, GK Global Services provides advice and leadership to its clients, helping them achieve the best outcome.