TCL has launched its first ever dryer – an 8kg heat pump model with an 8-star energy efficiency rating and range of new technologies with energy efficiency front of mind as consumers become more conscious of their spending.

Not only do heat pump dryers save money on electricity, but they also help reduce the risk of moisture condensation in the laundry compared to traditional vented dryers. Thanks to heat pump technology incorporated in the dryer, clothes are dried more gently and energy efficiently because a refrigerant is used to heat the air, rather than electricity.

The Quick Dry cycle can dry a small 1kg load of garments in 20 minutes, ideal for those in a hurry. Users can also choose from one of three pre-set drying levels and the Smart Dry feature will monitor humidity to optimise drying time, while the Steam Dry feature uses water mist which is heated to produce gentle steam over garments to reduce wrinkles and creases.

In addition, an anti-wrinkle feature reduces creases, saving time on ironing and lessening the risk of shrinkage. The drum cools down and spins in small increments for up to 120 minutes, ensuring clothes are not left in a static position.

Another key inclusion is the Allergy Care cycle which removes bacteria and allergens from clothing and soft toys whether they’re wet or dry. An innovative drying rack is designed to dry shoes, soft toys, hats and bulky items without a tumbling action to reduce wear and tear on items. An elegant and modern design includes a tempered glass door to seamlessly fit into any laundry style.

 “As a leading global consumer electronics brand, TCL continues to help households save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and take care of the environment,” TCL Electronics Australia national marketing manager, Rafael Mayen said.

With build quality and longevity at the forefront, the TCL C Series 8kg heat pump dryer (C1208DRW) is backed by an extended three-year warranty for RRP $1,299.