Her industry views and more.

Winning Group chief operating officer, Jo Devery has spent 20 years in the industry and her views on retailing, the challenges in her role and the biggest influence on her life, makes for an informative read.

In the latest issue of Appliance Retailer, Devery offers some advice to other retailers and the need to consider what customer’s value in today’s competitive retail market. She said listening is key to maintaining a good relationship with suppliers. “As we treat our customers, we need to provide exceptional customer service to our suppliers. The only way to do this is to listen and to work together on the path to grow.”

Devery believes it is a very exciting time to be in retail while recognising that, as more international competitors arrive, there will be the inevitable consolidation.

“As a nation, we are extremely innovative, so it will be exciting to see how local retailers will continue to improve the shopping experience,” she said. “I believe those retailers who have unique offerings will continue to thrive.”