Adelaide appliance retailer, Spartan Electrical, revealed a secret superstore strategy that could see the largest single-level appliances-only superstore ever built in South Australia.

The second generation of the Tsoutouras family – brothers Chris and Con, revealed in an exclusive joint interview at the Torrensville store in Adelaide that the secret superstore strategy represents the next stage in the evolution of the Spartan Electrical business.

“We are actively looking for the right site in the right location for a Spartan Superstore – a flagship offering the likes of which Adelaide has never seen before.

“Ideally, this flagship store would be located close to the centre of Adelaide with a carefully curated brand selection based on the strength and marketability of the brands involved. This will be the perfect place to bring the leading architects, and specifiers as well as the more discerning clientele of Adelaide.

“This flagship strategy reinforces our presence and reputation at the premium end of the Adelaide home appliance market and if the right site became available we would move quickly to open the largest specialist home appliance showroom in South Australia, which would be on par with the best stores in New South Wales and Victoria.

“A 2,000 square metre appliances-only showroom could arguably be the largest single-level superstore of its kind in the country and we would also investigate the option of a 3,000-plus square metre site if on-site warehousing was available.

“Within a store of this size, we are also not ruling out any partnerships or peripheral categories that would complement our position as the number one specialist home appliance retailer in South Australia.

“Whether this superstore would complement or replace the current Torrensville and Campbelltown locations which are both approximately 700 square metres, is a point for further consideration and internal discussion within the family.

“We know we are the experts in our category in South Australia and in the meantime, we are committed to continuing our focus as the best retailer of premium indoor and outdoor kitchen and laundry appliances as well as a selected range of premium small appliances.”