Sony has released two new sound bars and its first TV Base Speaker in Australia, designed to enhance TV audio with wireless options for uncluttered living spaces.

The HT-CT770 (RRP $599) and HT-CT370 (RRP $499) Sound Bars and the HT-XT1 TV Base Speaker (RRP $449) boost living room listening with 2.1 channel virtual surround sound and powerful bass.

Sony says the 2.1 channel S-Master Digital Amplifier technology means, “You’ll hear individual instruments and every line of dialogue with rewarding clarity, from sonorous lows to crisply-detailed highs.”

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Another feature is the S-Force Pro Front Surround processing which creates an “immersive sound field, with a wide ‘sweet spot’ that can be enjoyed by everyone in the room.”

Music from smartphones and tablets can also be played through all three devices via Bluetooth, and the SongPal app allows the sound settings to be controlled by a smartphone.

New to Sound Bar is the ClearAudio+ feature that saves the trouble of fine-tuning settings to get the best results from different audio sources. Whether it be a Hollywood blockbuster, a DVD of a live concert or music streaming from a mobile device, the Sound Bar uses Sony’s digital signal processing technologies to deliver high-quality sound.

The CT770 has a total power output of  330W, two 20mm tweeter units and 160mm subwoofer unit.

Sony HT-CT770 Sound Bar
Sony HT-CT770 Sound Bar

The CT370 delivers 300W of power in an even smaller footprint than the CT770. At just 5cm high, it can be laid horizontally on a shelf or hidden a sofa, or placed vertically on the floor.

HT-XT1 TV Base Speaker
HT-XT1 TV Base Speaker

HT-XT1 TV Base Speaker is a ‘one box’ solution. Sony says it is an ideal complement to BRAVIA TV models less than 50-inch. It also boasts a simple set up procedure: hook up your TV via HDMI.  It has three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output allow easy connection with your TV, Blu-ray Disc player, games console and cable/satellite box.