Plans to capitalise on technology advancements.

Sony is the leader in mirrorless technology and the premium digital still camera market, but the company is eager to push its emphasis toward the professional, high-end camera category, particularly with the significant growth in 4K technology.

Sony head of camera business for Australia and New Zealand, Vivek Handoo (pictured) told Appliance Retailer, “Sony is perceived as a serious player in most camera categories and we believe the technology offered by Sony challenges any other camera models on the market. We want our consumers to achieve the best picture quality possible.”

Vivek Handoo

Sony is also the global leader in the camcorder market with 50% market share, although the market is suffering a decline due to video capabilities on smartphones.

“The SLR category is also declining because of the size of the cameras, while the mirrorless segment is growing because the cameras are far more compact, are packed with new technologies and offer similar or better quality as a digital SLR,” he explained.

He also noted a growth in action cameras, although they remain fairly niche, being primarily used for sports photography.

“Despite this, we have a number of products in the pipeline and the company’s overall vision for 2016-17 is to increase and widen its share and continue to go from strength to strength. Sony wants to cater to a wide range of users and requirements in the photography market, particularly by offering an increased number of lens models,” he added.