Sony has introduced its 2024 range of BRAVIA TVs under the tagline, ‘Cinema Is Coming Home’, leveraging its unique position and expertise in the professional film production and distribution industry.

In 2024, Sony has unified its TVs, soundbars and other home audio technologies under the BRAVIA brand, making it easier for customers to shop the range and select a home entertainment package that best suits their requirements.

Sony is rolling out four series of TVs – led by the flagship BRAVIA 9 and supported by the BRAVIA 8, BRAVIA 7 and BRAVIA 3 – which will be completed by a line-up of BRAVIA Theatre home audio products.

All TV models BRAVIA 7 and above feature a new stand design that can be set in four different positions – outside stand position and inside stand position with or without a soundbar. These models also introduce Sony’s new Voice Zoom 3, which recognises human dialogue through AI algorithms and amplifies or reduces the dialogue volume.

BRAVIA 7 and above are equipped with Studio Calibrated modes that reproduce the image quality intended by film content creators. In addition to the existing Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode and Sony Pictures Core (formerly BRAVIA Core) Calibrated Mode, Prime Video Calibrated Mode is a new mode allowing viewers to enjoy optimum picture quality automatically calibrated across movies, series, and for the first time, live sports.


The BRAVIA 9 Mini LED, available in 75-inch and 85-inch screen sizes, is Sony’s brightest ever 4K TV with 4,000 lumens. The TV delivers higher peak luminance with more dimming zones and precise backlight control. Like the backlight control technology in Sony’s professional monitors used by filmmakers, XR Backlight Master Drive has a unique local dimming algorithm that precisely controls

thousands of LEDs. X-Anti Reflection ensures less glare and reflection from natural or artificial light, while X-Wide Angle maintains the picture quality regardless of viewing angle.

BRAVIA 9 TVs feature Acoustic Multi-Audio+ and are the world’s first with beam tweeter at the top and frame tweeter at the sides to deliver cinematic surround sound with a 70W 2.2.2 channel speaker configuration.


The BRAVIA 8 OLED, available in 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch screen sizes, has a footprint that’s 30% thinner than its 2023 predecessor and offers a 10% increase in brightness levels. It features XR OLED panel control, XR OLED Motion and OLED viewing angle. From a sound perspective, it offers Acoustic Surface Audio+ projecting sound direct from the screen with a 56W 2.1 channel speaker configuration.


The BRAVIA 7 Mini LED, available in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch screen sizes, incorporates Sony’s XR Backlight Master Drive, XR Contrast Booster 20, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos plus a 40W two channel speaker configuration and DTS X.


The BRAVIA 3 LED, available in 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch screen sizes, features the Sony X1 4K HDR processor, Triluminos Pro colour reproduction, 4K X-Reality Pro for clarity and upscaling, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos plus a 20W two channel speaker configuration and DTS Audio.

BRAVIA 7 and BRAVIA 3 TVs are currently being rolled out with the BRAVIA 9 and BRAVIA 8 TVs scheduled for release in July 2024.

BRAVIA Theatre home audio

When BRAVIA TVs and BRAVIA Theatre products are combined, the Acoustic Center Sync function fuses the sound of the TV speakers and the soundbar, creating a cinema-like experience where the sound appears to come directly from the TV screen.

Both BRAVIA TVs and BRAVIA Theatre home audio products are compatible with IMAX

Enhanced as they have been certified by IMAX and DTS for the best possible IMAX movie experience from Sony Pictures Core and select films on Disney+.

The flagship BRAVIA Theatre Quad boasts a total of 16 speakers including newly designed up firing speakers and an enhanced Wi-Fi connection allowing the speakers to sit further apart from one another.

The BRAVIA Theatre Bar 9 delivers a total of 13 speakers including two new side firing speakers but in a more compact design, 36% smaller than its predecessor, and a new fabric design with rubber feet. The BRAVIA Theatre Bar 8 incorporates 11 speakers including two new side firing speakers.

Other key features of the 2024 BRAVIA Theatre home audio products include 360 Spatial Sound Mapping technology, which no longer requires a soundbar and rear speakers to generate phantom speakers and Sound Field Optimisation compatibility to automatically adjust and tune each speaker based on room layout.

By adding a wireless subwoofer or rear speakers, enjoy deep bass and enhanced surround sound. Equipped with a powerful 180mm driver and a passive radiator to deliver 300W of deep bass sound, the SA-SW5 or the SA-SW3 subwoofer can be placed anywhere with wireless connectivity. SA-RS5 is a pair of rear speakers that have a built-in battery and up-firing speaker and does not need to be connected to a power source.

Sony’s new neckband speaker, the BRAVIA Theatre U, delivers immersive sound within an open-air yet personal listening environment. Connect two BRAVIA Theatre U speakers to a single TV or other devices using the Speaker Add function. Each viewer can enjoy surround sound at their preferred volume level.

The new BRAVIA Theatre Quad (SRP $3,699), Theatre Bar 9 (SRP $1,799) and Bar 8 (SRP $1,499), and BRAVIA Theatre U (SRP $499) will be available from July 2024:

Road to Zero – commitment to sustainability

Sony’s Road to Zero environmental plan aims to achieve zero environmental impact through its business activities and product lifecycles by 2050.

BRAVIA 9 and BRAVIA 7 use Sony’s proprietary signal processing to maximise characteristics of the panel, automatically optimising brightness for each scene while lowering power consumption.

The Eco Dashboard, for setting and managing various energy saving settings of BRAVIA, has evolved with the ability to check the amount of power used and energy saving tips.

To reduce environmental impact, Sony is working on multiple aspects of the product lifecycle, such as reduction of virgin plastic use, improvement of transportation efficiency, and reviewing energy consumption during use.

SORPLAS, a recycled plastic developed by Sony, is used for the back cover, with approximately 65% of the total plastic used being recycled material. The rechargeable Eco Remote is also made from approximately 79.7% recycled plastic.

BRAVIA Theatre home audio products use unique recycled plastic, enabling Sony to reproduce superb acoustic performance while reducing the use of virgin plastics. The fabric used in the BRAVIA Theatre home audio products is recycled from PET bottles. The material was carefully selected for optimum sound quality, design, texture and colour.