Sony has created the Score Twice microsite to promote this gift with purchase.
Sony has created the Score Twice microsite to promote this gift with purchase.

Sony Australia has resurrected its wildly popular Free PlayStation promotion to accompany the launch of its 2014 Ultra HD (Sony always calls it ‘4K’) and Full HD TVs. For the first time, Sony will be giving away the PlayStation 4 with purchases of selected models in the range.

There are 9,000 PS4s to be redeemed during the promotion period and Sony is hosting a live countdown on its microsite. To claim a free console, consumers must buy one of six new Bravia TVs from an authorised dealer before 29 June 2014 and then register the purchase on the Sony website within 14 days.

“Just in time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, Sony Australia, an official partner, today announced the availability of its new range of BRAVIA 4K and Full HD TVs along with a special 2014 FIFA World Cup promotion,” the company said in a statement. “For a limited time, consumers purchasing an eligible BRAVIA TV will also score a bonus PS4.”

Sony has previously run similar promotions with its Bravia TVs and PlayStation 3s to much popularity from consumers. Some critics within retail groups, however, have complained privately these types of promotions, regardless of the brand, mean they cannot cross-sell the TV consumer with other entertainment products.

Like Samsung before them, Sony is not just leveraging the expected interest in the 2014 FIFA World Cup to sell TVs, but also incorporating the action into its functionality. Whereas Samsung has Soccer Mode to automatically record the important moments for on-demand replaying, Sony has Live Football Mode.

“The acoustics of actual football stadiums in Brazil were measured to create this mode, which automatically adjusts audio from the game to match real stadium sound.  By pressing the ‘Football’ button on your remote you can also access the latest news and the official video from the 2014 FIFA World Cup, as well as popular YouTube football footage so you can learn more about the game’s history.”

If nothing else, Sony should win the favour of Australia’s sporting elite by calling it ‘Football’ instead of ‘Soccer’.

4K TVs in Sony’s range have product codes beginning with the letter ‘X’, while Full HD models begin with letter ‘W’. Most of the new models are now available, with several expected in the coming weeks and months.

Ultra HD/4K Models

X9500B — 85-inch — available July
X9000B — 79-, 65- (RRP $6,999), 55-inch (RRP $4,999) — available end of May (79-inch late July)
X8500B — 70-, 65-, 55-, 49-inch — available July

Full HD Models

W950B — 55-inch (RRP $2,699) — available now
W850B — 70- (RRP $3,999), 60-inch (RRP $2,799) — available now
W800B — 55- (RRP $2,299), 50- (RRP $1,699), 42-inch (RRP $1,199) — available now
W700B — 32-inch (RRP $749) — available now
W600B — 40- (RRP $999), 48- (RRP $1,299), 60-inch (RRP $2,399) — available now (60-inch available late May)

Sony PS4 Promo Models

X9000B (65-inch and 55-inch only)
W800B  (55-inch only)