Through new e-commerce platform.

Australian consumers can now purchase Sonos wireless speakers directly from the company’s website, which offers end-to-end support, fast, secure and free shipping and a 100-day money back guarantee. Sonos already delivers this to its global customers through e-commerce and direct sales and prior to this announcement, speakers were available to purchase through JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman, as well as specialist hi-fi retailers.

Sonos Australia country manager, Rennie Addabbo said, “We know that music makes a difference, it turns silent homes into soulful homes and shopping direct online offers our customers another way to fill their homes with music. We want Sonos customers listening to music at home in as little time as possible and we want them to have the best customer experience in getting there.

“In establishing a direct relationship, we gain a better understanding of our customer and what they want from our brand. This means we can, in turn, provide them with a great experience at every touchpoint, not just the final purchase. It is important to Sonos, on a local and global level, to forge that direct relationship with customers so we can continue to evolve as a company and stay ahead of the game.”

Existing customers will be informed about this announcement through below the line activity, however, the real focus of the company’s marketing efforts this year will be to continue to support newer innovations, including home theatre product Playbase, which has performed exceptionally well across the channel, according to Addabbo.

“At a brand level, our recent campaign ‘Wake up the silent home’ will continue to play a major part in our strategy as we move into 2018. The campaign talks to our mission to fill every home with music and how we differentiate ourselves as a brand,” he said.

When asked about predictions on the impact of Amazon: “We welcome any change in the landscape that brings our customers additional choice – as long as it’s coupled with an excellent customer service experience, which we’d anticipate from a big player like Amazon”.

We are also excited about the continued growth in streaming music, which locally has been growing at over 100% per year over the last couple of years. To this end, we continue to grow our network of new and existing platform partners.

“As we move into the later parts of this year, we will have more to say on how voice products can interact seamlessly with music in the home. Obviously we aim to become the category leaders in this space for music lovers,” he said.