SodaStream MIX
SodaStream Mix

SodaStream has unveiled its new drink maker at Milan Design Week, the SodaStream Mix, which can carbonate any liquid – including alcohol.

Designed by Yves Béhar, the machine is predicted to set new beverage trends, in particular in the world of mixology.

Ready to take its place in the Internet of Things, Mix has a digital interface, Bluetooth connectivity and accompanying app.

“A smart connected touch screen gives users the option to choose carbonation intensity and peruse recipes for  some of the world’s best cocktails and concoctions. A beautiful and intuitive corresponding app lets you go social – share your recipes or see what others from around the world have created to inspire your inner mixologist,” said Béhar.

SodaStream MIX touchscreen
SodaStream MIX touch screen

“Mix opens the door for a new category of beverages, with a connected kitchen appliance unlike anything in existence. Beautifully crafted physically and digitally, the machine puts innovation in your hands, and lets you share your creations with the world. Because, in the end, who wants a gin and tonic when there is new alchemy opening new tasty worlds?” said Béhar.

Mix has a somewhat similar appearance to SodaStream’s previous sparkling water makers, but consumers will now be able to add bubbles to anything they like without running the risk of breaking the machine.

“The Mix reveals an entire new generation of SodaStream products that the company has been developing for the last few years. Its potential is tremendous and we are extremely excited to unveil it in Milan,” said Daniel Birnbaum SodaStream CEO.

SodaStream Mix
SodaStream Mix

To celebrate the unveiling, Béhar designed The Alchemy Lounge, a futuristic pop-up bar located in the mirror hall at the iconic Teatro Versace in the centre of Milan. The bar allows mixologists to experiment with adding fizz to their recipes.

“After two years in development, Mix’s advanced technology has already garnered admiration from the world’s leading beverage professionals, who believe the unrestricted use across all drink formats will stimulate new beverage possibilities,” said Yaron Kopel, chief innovation and design officer at SodaStream.

The new machine will be available in Australia in 2016.

“We are very excited to announce that the SodaStream Mix will launch in the Australian market in 2016 after its much-anticipated launch in Milan,” said Myles Anceschi, managing director SodaStream Australia. “The Mix will be game changer for Australian consumers providing endless possibilities for beverage creation at home but also professionals in the beverage industry.”