Divya Gordon, a self-taught filmmaker from the Snowy Mountains of Australia, transitioned from her corporate life in Sydney to embrace a nomadic lifestyle in her van. This shift allowed her to immerse herself in adventure communities while pursuing her passion for filmmaking.

Her debut in the adventure documentary realm with ‘Seven 7 Seven’, featuring the longest highline rigged in Australia, garnered recognition at prestigious film festivals such as VLFT3 and VIMFF. This accomplishment marks only the beginning, as she has several projects on the horizon, including the Nikon-sponsored short documentary, ‘MAVEN’.

Gordon came up with the name while brainstorming over beers. It was one of those words she instantly connected to. Its direct translation means ‘one who is experienced or knowledgeable’ or ‘one who understands’. 

“To be a MAVEN is our objective, just like climbing Australia’s 11 Highest Peaks in a Day or making it to the most remote hut in the National Park. We’re becoming by doing what we love and letting our curiosity drive us,” she said.

“Filming MAVEN forced me to rediscover and redefine my limits. Coming face-to-face with your comfort zone and choosing to push through it is when this shift of understanding happens. The best thing is that I got to do this alongside amazing women in situations where there was only space for positivity, encouragement and humour.”

MAVEN offers a unique perspective on exploration, encompassing the backcountry and self-discovery. It celebrates a group of female adventurers who call the Snowy Mountains their home. Their journeys are spontaneous, starting late and ending in darkness, leading them to unexpected challenges and revelations.

Gordon chose the Nikon Z8 due to its colour science, high frame rates, and resolution capabilities, coupled with its lightweight and versatility.

“The Z8 was invaluable during long treks to remote shooting locations, allowing for still shots in precarious mountain positions and capturing action shots with its high frame rates. Nikon lenses complement the setup, enabling close-up shots of skiers in distant ranges. Overall, the Nikon gear streamlines the filming process, while its colour profile enhances the portrayal of the Australian Alps.”