In August 2020, investor group, Aspire42 welcomed Radio Rentals South Australia to its portfolio and along with its other existing rental brands – Make It Mine and Essential Appliance Rentals – rolled it into a new online brand – Snaffle.

Snaffle chief marketing officer, Paul Winslow said the group has worked hard to deliver a new brand that is challenging the way Australian consumers think about renting.

“I am inspired by other Australian brands like Afterpay and Zip Co who have changed the way that Australians pay for everything and I wanted to inject the same energy into Snaffle,” he told Appliance Retailer.

In the lead up to Christmas, Snaffle experienced a rise in product applications and welcomed thousands of new organic members to its database following a launch advertising campaign, according to Winslow.

“We are also pleased to be developing closer relationships with our suppliers and welcoming new ones onboard, allowing us to work on joint promotional efforts with companies like Samsung,” he said.

“The rental brand in Australia was tired and needed a shakeup. I had already worked on a similar rebrand project in a previous role and I knew what we were doing was full of challenges, but if we could pull it off successfully, we could reap the rewards. 

“We needed to create a new brand, one that was solely online so it could be fast and responsive to customer needs. We also needed a new brand that customers wouldn’t associate with payday lenders because that’s not what we stand for.

“Since launching Snaffle in August, the response from both customers and suppliers has been great. Today, we are careful to offer competitive pricing and fresh products. We have created a new model that doesn’t punish our customers for renting, as has been the case historically. We are adding new products to our site every day and my goal is for customers to be able to lease anything they want.

“We have an exciting pipeline for 2021 including the launch of Snaffle for business so stay tuned.”