By Martin Vedris in Singapore

SYDNEY: Panasonic will soon release a 64 GB SD card in the new ultra-high capacity SDXC format. It is the start of a new era in massive memory capacities.

At the CES event in the USA this year, the SD Card Association announced the next generation SD card called the SDXC or SD Extended Capacity. It can store up to a theoretical 2 terabytes of data on a SD card the size of a postage stamp and with read/write speeds of 300 MB per second.

As a founding member of the SD Card Association, Panasonic is on the leading edge of this new technology and the company has now announced that it will soon be releasing its first SDXC card.

“SDXC will now mean that in the future it will be possible to store up to two terabytes of information on an SD card with speeds of 300 megabytes per second,” said Panasonic Australia category marketing manager, Mobile AV, Alistair Robins.

“Panasonic has announced it is now developing a 64 GB card which will be available in the near future.”

Putting a 64GB SD card into some sort of perspective, a dual layer Blu-ray disc is ‘only’ 50 GB. So the possibilities that this card technology provides are enormous.

SDXC cards will not be backwards compatible, meaning that they will not be able to be used in SD or SDHC-enabled devices. However, the huge storage potential of these cards means they have the potential to be the standard for years to come, making an investment into an SDXC-compatible device a future-proofed choice when they become available.