Bing Lee chief executive Lionel Lee today confirmed his business grew by 17.6 per cent in January and revealed ambitions to pass the half-billion dollar sales mark.

Lee told the business had enjoyed a good January after a strong 2007, with their fiftieth anniversary marketing campaign running throughout the year.

“The 50 year campaign was a very big commitment and we thank our suppliers for their support. It was very successful and we obtained $399 million in sales ex-GST. I said we would do $400 million and to come up short was disappointing – all we were missing was a good air conditioning season, which we haven’t had in New South Wales this summer.”

Lee said he saw new products as a growth source and was excited about new technology products particularly.

“Retailing is a very easy game, so long as you have the right people and treat the customer fairly and maintain relationships. At the end of the day, we don’t make the products – we are traders – who buy and sell the stuff.

“I am excited about OLED, which I think is going to be very exciting – that has a lot of opportunity, as well as anything that is internet based. We have been talking about ubiquitous technology and convergent products for many years, and it is finally coming to fruition.

“Technology will be successful as long as you don’t have to be too tech savvy and it has a use for the consumer.