Smeg has again flexed its muscles in developing world-leading dishwashing technology proving beyond doubt that it’s a leader in the field.

SMEG-454 Semi-pro Dishwasher w Wave RGB 1600x1600
Smeg Professional Series dishwashers, fondly known as the “SEMI-PRO” dishwashers, are a revelation in domestic dishwashing technology, and the latest innovation to be conceived and engineered by Smeg. They are the first and fastest “hybrid” machines available in Australia.

Drawing on technologies used in Smeg’s Electromedical division which produces disinfectors and sterilization equipment for the medical industries, and Smeg’s Food Service division, which produces commercial dishwashing for restaurants, Smeg has created a dishwasher which can wash a full “dried-on, dirty” load in a record-breaking 16 minutes.


The “hybrid” innovation is in Smeg’s unique Dual Core technology – a world-first breakthrough in dishwasher engineering. The wash motor in these professional series machines is a power-packed 2000 watts with integrated heating element, which can operate at variable speeds. The semi-pro series dishwashers also feature two 1800 watt inline elements to heat the water – unlike normal domestic machines which conventionally have only one. For optimum performance, the semi-pro series dishwashers are hard wired to 3P power with a 60°C hot water connection.


When you select the professional programmes, by simply pressing the “chef hat” button, the dishwasher kicks into a 5.6kW powerhouse, able to heat water to temperature faster than ever before and producing a hygienically clean wash in record time.

It’s the perfect machine for customers who love to entertain – the dishes from the first dinner course can be washed before the main course is finished! Another plus is Smeg’s Flexi Duo cutlery basket, which gives the ultimate flexibility for stacking.

Under daily wash conditions, these dishwashers utilise Smeg’s tried and tested orbital wash system for a sparkling finish. They also have outstanding environmental credentials – a 4 Star Energy Rating and 5 Star WELS water rating.

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