Italian cooking brand Smeg is promoting open plan kitchens and religious observance with its new 76-centimetre wide multifunction ovens. The first is a 123-litre capacity six static and fan forced cooking functions and two pyrolytic cooking programs (SOA330X, RRP $5,490). The alternate is a double oven featuring two 123-litre ovens, both with 11 functions (DOA330X).

These two ovens incorporate a new feature called Sabbath Mode, which “allows the user to turn the oven on for a maximum cooking time of 72 hours with only the ‘bake’ and ‘off’ settings being available,” Smeg said. “As the name suggests, this function will be of great interest to those observing the Sabbath.”

The image above is from a kitchen designed by celebrated designer Kim Duffin. This kitchen exemplifies the open plan aesthetic that has become very trendy over the past 12 to 18 months.

“Open plan kitchens boldly defined by spatial acumen, elegant finishes and suitably proportioned kitchen appliances are the dream build of almost all keen home cooks and avid entertainers.

“The expansive kitchen pictured has cleverly and discretely defined the key areas for food preparation, dining and outdoor entertaining by virtue of work spaces, banquettes and contrasting floor treatments.”

The induction cooktop pictured above the 76-centimetre oven is Smeg’s new 100-centimetre powerhouse SIHP2100S (RRP $3,490), which has four zones, independent timers, ergonomic slide control and spill stop.