Smeg has unveiled two new models in its wine cellar collection, the result of research in collaboration with expert sommeliers, to offer optimum wine storage conditions.

Following the success of the Linea and Dolce Stil Novo built-in 45cm and 60cm wine cellars, designed to align with accompanying built-in appliances, 88cm and 178cm wine cellars with Made in Italy designs were showcased at this year’s Eurocucina.

Both featuring a neutral aesthetic, the new 88cm built-in wine cellar can hold up to 40 bottles and the 178cm built-in can hold up to 83 bottles, regardless of shape.

With two independent temperature zones and cooling circuits, wines can be aged or stored at consistent temperature and humidity levels. Positioning the bottles is easy thanks to the housings that provide ample storage for bottles with different diameters and heights, such as Bordeaux-type bottles, heavy champagne bottles or magnum bottles. There is also a display shelf in the lower part of the wine cellar.

Layered eclipse black glass panels provide protection from solar light and UV rays which can impact the wine’s balance and scent. An ultra-quiet cooling system keeps vibrations to a minimum, allowing the wine to mature steadily, while the premium sliding oak racks made in Italy ensure smooth movement.

High precision electronic control system keeps the set temperature constant, even when the external temperature varies. The Smeg wine cellars can be set between 5°C and 20°C and maintain a humidity level of between 60 and 80%.

The 88cm has been designed for modular combination with other Smeg built-in appliances such as ovens, blast chillers and sommelier drawers to create a dedicated space for the wine connoisseur.

The new 178cm wine cellar is the largest model in the collection, holding 83 bottles in a black glass column. The wine cellar is equipped with built-in sommelier drawer for storing accessories such as the drip stopper, pouring spout, corkscrew with champagne pliers and specific corks for red and white wines. A dedicated side compartment allows opened bottles to be stored upright, or for glasses to be cooled before serving.  

Advanced technology includes the electronic E-motion opening system, to be made available across all sizes, which automatically unlocks the door when the glass panel is touched. In addition, cold LED lighting on both sides of the wine cellar ensures perfect visibility on all shelves, while helping maintain a constant temperature.

Joining the Smeg 45cm (21 bottle capacity), 60cm (29 bottle capacity) and 82cm (38 bottle capacity) undermount models, the 88cm and 178cm versions ensure there’s a model to suit every need.

Local pricing and availability on the new 88cm and 178cm models are to be confirmed.