Smeg continues to cement its position at the forefront of wash innovation with Diamond series dishwashers, featuring world-first planetary wash system. The impressive system includes an efficient single wash arm rotating around two axes, significantly increasing wash pattern density and cleanliness. It is also crafted with a series of angled jets for enhanced intensity, allowing water to reach between every piece in the load for impeccable results, up to 60% more efficient than its predecessor.

Smeg’s collection of Diamond series dishwashers anticipate the needs of new kitchen design through innovative aesthetic and technologic solutions. All models also feature flexi duo cutlery tray, LED interior lights and Smartdry (Enersave), which automatically opens the door at the end of the cycle to allow the residual heat to efficiently dry the load. Consumers can select between fully integrated, semi integrated, underbench and freestanding models to make their kitchen dreams come true.

Smeg Diamond series dishwashers are priced from $1,990.