Compiled by Patrick Avenell

It's been one week since Apple Pty Ltd promised to provide notification on its website as to the lack of 4Gness of its new iPad. Apple has delivered, updating its website to include the prescribed text, as have several of its authorised resellers.

Here is Apple's notification which, to be fair, is positioned on its website so that it will almost certainly be read before a purchase is completed:

And this is how JB Hi-Fi advises its consumers (astute readers will note discounts of up to $5 on some of these models):

And at Harvey Norman:

Big W:

Interestingly, there is no mention of this text on Woolworths' stablemate Dick Smith Electronics' dedicated iPad webpage.

At direct importer, the iPad Wi-Fi + 4G is referred to as The New iPad (Mobile Broadband), which is either much clearer or even more confusing, depending on your perspective. Kogan's disclaimer is typically amusing: