By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Samsung Australia has introduced its new S3 portable music player, adding another colourful model to their range.

Sitting in between the S2 ‘pebble’-style player and higher-end S5, the S3 offers photo, video and music player capabilities, matching those of the T10 model.

Its 176 x 220 LCD size is a step down from the T10, but up from the non-video capable K-Series models, which use an OLED screen but cannot playback video.

For those who wish to have more than just black and white models to choose from, the S3 adds pink and blue to the list.

Storage capacity is also up on the K Series models, with 2 GB (RRP $129), 4 GB (RRP $149) and 8 GB (RRP$209) models available.

As is standard with Samsung’s MP3 players, the S3 comes with the company’s
‘drag and drop’ Media Studio software.

The S3 keeps with Samsung’s more recent MP3 players in offering their higher-end DNSe 2.0 sound processor system, and can play back MP3, WMA, OGG, MPEG4, JPG and TXT files.