Panasonic have launched a new 7kg front loader washing machine to join its 8kg and 10kg front loader range. Which begs the question, which size machine is best choice for who?

Panasonic have provided some tips for determining which size is right for which buyers depending on their washing needs.

“Many of us underestimate our laundry load,” said Belinda Toner, Panasonic product marketing manager, whitegoods and home appliances. “The national average weekly volume is around 32kg capacity or about four loads in an 8kg machine!”

Comparing yourself to the national average is one way to determine the optimum washer capacity.

Toner said its new 7kg machine (NA-127VB3WAU RRP $799), with its smallest drum capacity, is ideal for individuals or smaller families.  Not to be restricted by it’s size, it has a large 33cm-wide door to make it easy to load bulky items like doonas and still has child-friendly features.

“However, the wide door offers ease of use and two-layer glass to protect little hands from hot washes, along with a child lock, making it suitable for small families too,” Toner said.

The 7kg model has an energy and water rating of 3.5 stars and intuitive features such as the Foam Sensor which detects when too much detergent has been added and ups the water level to dilute it.

Panasonic's new 7kg front loader, RRP $
Panasonic’s new 7kg front loader features a 33cm-wide door

Panasonic’s 8kg machine is a step up in terms of drum capacity, suitable for the average family’s washing requirements, Toner said. That’s four loads a week according to the national average.

The 8kg (NA-148VX3WAU V RRP $1,299) front loader washing machine features water-saving Econavi technology that senses the size of the load and adjusts the water level to suit. It also has targeted stain removing programs.

Above average when it comes to washing? Moving to a 10kg model could cut down on the number of weekly washes.

“An extra two loads a week in an 8kg machine can mean up to four extra hours spent doing washing,” Toner said. “This is where Panasonic’s top of the line 10kg washing machine is suited to families with big laundry loads.”

The Panasonic Econavi 10kg washing machine (NA-140VX3WAU RRP $1,619) has an extra-large capacity drum but the body is the same size as the 8kg model, with both footprints measuring 596mm x 594mm. Both the 8kg and 10kg have a 4.5-star energy and 4.5-star water rating.

The biggest of the Panasonic bunch, the Econavi 10kg washing machine