Shoppers took the opportunity to get out and made for the shops during the Cyber Week sales and in the process spent more than was expected, according to new data from ShopFully.

A survey from 557 shoppers revealed that 40% of respondents purchased something during the sales bonanza with 50% shopping in-store, while 35% went online with the remaining 15% shopping both in-store and online. Prior to purchase, 68% of respondents sought information online.  

The average spend was $421, which was higher than anticipated and an increase from the original estimate of $364 and 25% of those who made purchases spent it on technology, 24% spent on fashion, 14% on beauty products and 13% went on toys.

The majority of shoppers, 49% said they spent more than the previous year, with only 25% declaring to have spent less. Male respondents spent on average 25% more than their female counterparts.

The overall satisfaction of consumers was very high with 50% of those surveyed who said they were provided with great deals and excellent prices with just 7% of respondents saying they had a better experience in past Black Friday’s.

According to ShopFully country manager, Dean Vocisano (pictured above), it was no surprise that thousands of Australians made the most of the biggest shopping event this year, with 65% of consumers flocking in-store to purchase the best Black Friday and Cyber Weekend deals.

“While researching online played an important role in making purchasing decisions, the in-store experience continues to be preferred by the majority of Aussies. What this means for retailers is that connecting the digital journey with the physical experience will continue to be paramount as we power through the remainder of the 2020 sale season,” he told Appliance Retailer.