Emilia Glem, the Australian subsidiary of Italian cooker company Glem Gas, is on the lookout for a new CEO after Shane McNulty left the company on Wednesday 11 June 2014. McNulty had been in the position since October 2013, when he replaced David Gilmore.

Prior to joining Emilia Glem, McNulty had worked at Nardi and Hagemeyer.

Appliance Retailer understands that national sales manager Ian Gardner has been made the acting boss of Emilia Glem until a permanent appointment is made. Somewhat complicating matters is that Gardner is currently on annual leave.

McNulty has a strong reputation in the appliance industry for his work launching and building premium brands; for example, the De Dietrich brand while at Hagemeyer. Over the seven months he was at Emilia Glem, McNulty was focused on improving the company’s brand equity, expanding product development and feature sets and lifting average sales prices.

Prior to McNulty taking over at Emilia Glem, the subsidiary had been managed by David Gilmore for over a decade. Gilmore left that post to become CEO of Dincel Construction System.