By Patrick Avenell

Clive Peeters chairman Brian Pollock has identified emerging products in the technology sector as the key to raising the embattled retail group from the mire they currently occupy.

In a presentation to shareholders at the annual general meeting today, Pollock outlined six new segments in the technology category that the group consider to be strong opportunities for profit growth.

These emerging products are:

-Music downloads via in-store kiosks.
-DVDs and Blu-ray Discs of top 20 movies and TV box sets.
-Gaming consoles, software and accessories.
-PC Software, including operating systems, virus protection, Microsoft Office and Photoshop.
-Photo labs, for printing, storage and gifts.
-Mobile phones, with focus on pre-paid and business solutions.

Clive Peeters estimates that the size of these six markets is $5.71 billion.

“All categories must have clear product entry and exist strategies [with] constant market analysis and refinement,” wrote Pollock in the presentation.