By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Housewares International (HWI) Electrical general manager – marketing, Cameron Searle, has ended his employment at the company, effective today.

In an official statement issued to today, the company stated:

“HWI Electrical announces the resignation of Mr Cameron Searle, General Manager, Marketing, effective as at 28 August 2007.

“Mr Searle has left HWI Electrical to pursue other career opportunities and HWI Electrical wish him all the best for the future.”

Cameron Searle joined HWI in late 2005. Prior to that he helped establish a training consultancy in The Netherlands, to support a car manufacturing concern owned by Mitsubishi, called Winwineurope. Searle had also carved out a marketing career with Unilever in South Africa, Israel and Central and Eastern Europe.

More details will be released on as they become available.