By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY, NSW: Sanyo today launched a new combination convection grill and microwave oven that will be available from November exclusively in Big W stores across Australia.

The Sanyo EMC5779V delivers 900 watts of microwave power, 1200 watts of grilling power, and a convection cooking option that allows cooking between 110º Celsius and -200º Celsius. According to Sanyo, this oven browns and crisps food evenly and grills thinly sliced foods like steaks, sausages and sandwiches.

It has a high speed combination cooking option that saves cooking time by automatically alternating between convection cooking and microwave heating or microwave and grill cooking.

It also has 10 power levels and a quick start function allows users to program the oven to microwave food at 100 per cent power for up to 10 minutes in increments of 30 seconds

The EMC5779V also features a jet speed defrost function to defrost frozen meat, poultry and seafood food by weight. It has a child safety lock and a stainless steel fascia.