There are just two Saturdays between now and Mother’s Day (Sunday 10 May 2015) and with plenty of promotions on offer, there is strong competition for the maternal dollar within the appliance industry. Get ready for the last minute rush with these sales tips from small appliance experts.

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Coordinate colour…

Think beyond kettles and toasters when it comes to colour. With the rise of renovation shows, more than ever, customers are looking for ways to refresh their kitchen with splashes of colour on the benchtop. Red continues to be the most popular colour. However, it’s not easy for shoppers to join the dots about complementary products when they’re scattered around the store. Consider merchandising colour-matched benchtop appliances together, or at least ask shoppers purchasing a coloured appliance if they’ve seen the matching microwave, blender or espresso machine.

…with Richard Babekuhl from Breville

Share your expert knowledge…

  • Share with the consumer your knowledge about hot products, upcoming trends and new features in products. Customers will appreciate ‘insider tips’ and may be encouraged to purchase an additional on-trend product.
  • If you can understand what the consumer needs the appliance for and how they are going to use it, you can better match the right product for them.
  • Ask the customer if they are future proofing. Today they may be drinking black tea and white bread but will they be tomorrow? Buy with tomorrow in mind, just not today.

…with the team at Sunbeam

Don’t forget a gift for Grandma!

May is when the last minute rush to registers really gets in full swing for Mother’s Day. With just two Saturdays to capture the bulk of shoppers, it is important to guide customers through their options, and ensure that sufficient and knowledgeable staff members are on hand to answer questions and provide suggestions. Acknowledging that Mother’s Day requires gifts for a range of ages, from new mums to grandmothers — and that many are shopping for their own parent as well as a partner — there may be multiple sales opportunities to be had in the one transaction.

…with Nancy Humphries at Kambrook

Highlight versatility…

Remind customers of all the great things that these appliances can help them achieve in their day-to-day lives; not just the product statistics, but the fact that a stick mixer is useful for everything from baby food through to marinades and cocktails. It’s relating how a product will impact and even enrich their lives!

…with Michelle Rossier from Electrolux

Identify the customer’s needs…

Being a competitive category in the home appliances market, kitchen machines offer a large range of features. The expanse of options often overwhelms consumers, making it imperative for retailers to have a clear understanding of the customer’s needs before recommending a product. To this end, retailers should ascertain:

  • What will the customer primarily use the bench top appliance for? Bread baking? Dicing? Juicing?
  • How many people are likely to use the appliance on a daily basis?
  • What other benchtop appliances does the customer already have at home?
  • Do they want to replace a range of appliances with an all-in-one kitchen machine?
  • Are they looking for a compact unit or something that will sit on the bench top permanently?
  • Are accessories important to them?

…with Jonathan Peart from Bosch

Focus on the product benefits…

Product point-of-sale is an essential tool that clearly displays and communicates key features and benefits of the product, helping the customer make an informed and most suitable purchasing choice.

Clearly communicate the key benefits and points of difference of innovative new appliances, compared to traditional appliances, that will make Mum’s job of keeping her family healthy easier. As always, product knowledge is key.

…with Mathew Kiley from ProAppliances

Merchandise like a pro…

Understand the product’s features and benefits and get a feel for what the customer is after. If you have knowledge of the products on the floor, it makes it easier to upsell to a better model. Effective merchandising is crucial at this time of year. Place the products in high traffic areas, and include any point of sale material to capture the customer’s attention. Group, matching or same coloured appliances together to increase the chance of cross-selling.

…with Stacey Pogorecki from Glen Dimplex