By Kymberly Martin

Boosts SMBs access to customers.

Sensis has launched a unique one-stop online platform that allows small businesses to design professional banner ads and create a targeting plan in minutes.

As well as digital advertising it gives SMBs access to Sensis’ digital media buying power, audience targeting and mobile-first technology, something previously only accessible to large businesses.

Sensis executive general manager – product and technology, Danny Gravell said one of the biggest challenges facing SMBs is navigating the complex digital marketing space.

“The Sensis digital display platform has been designed with the first-time digital marketer in mind. The interface is simple to navigate and the platform does all the work, giving SMBs access to customers who are searching online at a scale and accuracy previously only available to big marketers,” he said. “And the playing field has been levelled for the first time.

“The ever-changing digital marketing space can be overwhelming, but our product offers a user-friendly, affordable solution to create personalised, targeted banner ads, displayed on quality sites across the internet.”

Sensis Digital Display is the first product to be launched since the company’s two-year long program of digital transformation was completed in July 2016.  With 73% of Australians using a mobile phone to access the internet, the company believes SMBs need to be able to reach potential customers wherever they are.

A 2016 Sensis Social Media Report showed 60% of SMBs said having a website increased their business effectiveness, 48% used social media to boost business and 32% noted increased customer awareness. The number of Australian SMBs with a website grew last year from 56% to 61%, while their social media presence rose 17 points to 48%.

Sensis has conducted testing of the new platform with over 40 SMBs over the past 12 months that showed the average click through rate (CTR) for a Sensis digital display ad is between 0.18 and 0.35%. The average CTR for a digital ad in Australia is 0.06%.