As an official partner of Vivid Sydney 2024, Sennheiser will present the Mirrorbox; an installation offering an immersive AI audio experience that blends sound with emotion, reflecting the Vivid Sydney 2024 theme of ‘Humanity’.

The Sennheiser MOMENTUM 4 wireless headphones will be at the centre of the experience. The three-part journey starts with an AI analysis of sound personality, mental mood, and biometric signature, which forms the foundation of a unique sonic fingerprint.

In the second stage, immerse in an audioscape that blends the sounds of water with music composed to help visitors pause, reflect, and reconnect with the world. To aid the meditative journey, the experience incorporates a floor that reacts to the pulses and vibrations of the soundscape and draws attention to a single illuminated structure in the centre of the room as a focal point.

At the end of the journey, visitors will receive a personalised assessment and a playlist that captures the unique sonic identity.

Sennheiser vice president of marketing, Anne-Claire Costes said, “We are delighted to be an official partner of Vivid Sydney, where we will showcase how true sound can influence emotions. Our Mirrorbox will embody ‘Hear More’ through a dedicated space where visitors can reflect on the sounds that surround them.

“At Sennheiser, audio is more than just the output of engineering excellence. It’s key to raw, unfiltered emotional experiences. The feelings and meanings we associate with the sounds that surround us change depending on who we are. Our sound is a part of our story. When we Hear More, we learn more about what moves, shapes, and connects us.”

“Sennheiser has harnessed the power of our audio DNA to create not only an unforgettable cultural experience but an immersive moment with true sound where visitors can learn more about themselves and each other.”

Sennheiser’s Mirrorbox in the heart of Vivid Sydney’s Light Walk, Tumbalong Park will be free and open for the duration of Vivid Sydney held from 24 May to 15 June 2024.