Today’s flat screen televisions are getting bigger and better, able to produce crystal clear images and their sleek, space saving designs have wide-ranging appeal in today’s modern home environments. Yet like most things in life there is a compromise – as screens get slimmer, the available space for quality TV speakers is dramatically reduced, and sadly in contrast to the improvements in picture quality the sound is increasingly getting thinner and less involving.

Born out of a passion for sound perfection, the team at Q-Acoustics a division of UK based Armour Home Electronics, developed the Q-TV2 to transform the way you enjoy your viewing experience without a bulky surround sound system. A world first truly discreet 2.1 HD sound upgrade for flat screen televisions, it simply attaches to the back of your TV with all fixing hardware supplied. The Q-TV2 delivers dynamic, room filling stereo sound with real bass, yet is completely clutter-free with almost no visual intrusion into your living space.

The Q-TV2 boasts 100 watts of amplification, driving eight advanced technology loudspeakers in stylish stereo speaker enclosures and an integrated vibration-free, ultra-slim subwoofer. Multiple audio input options ensure the Q-TV2 will take the sound from any TV and present it with a wide dispersing, full bodied, clear sound. Added features include 3 preset EQ settings to allow for positioning and room acoustics, and a fully adjustable ‘lip sync’ function to ensure a seamless, involving viewing experience.

The supplied remote is stylish and very simple in operation, as with the Q-TV2 there is no clutter, only what is needed, volume controls and a mute function as the Q-TV2 has automatic power control and will put itself into standby mode when not in use. 
Optional available mounting hardware includes a wall bracket and a cantilever arm.

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