Seeley International founder and executive chairman, Frank Seeley AM (pictured), is the first ever winner of the CCN HVACR Leader of the Year Award. In addition to his accolade, the company’s seven star equivalent Braemar ducted gas heater was recognised as the Best New Product in the prestigious 2015 Australian Business Awards.

SeeleySeeley said he was “greatly honoured” to be recognised as the HVAC Leader of the Year, encouraging others to embrace an entrepreneurial approach and strive to think outside the square.

“Patience, persistence and an unwavering belief in achieving the impossible has seen an idea that began in my garage in 1972, grow over time to become Australia’s largest manufacturer of heating and cooling systems that proudly exports locally designed and manufactured products to more than 120 countries around the world,” Seeley said.

“With Australian manufacturing at a cross road, I hope that this award, and Seeley International’s unwavering commitment to setting industry benchmarks,  serves as proof that Australian manufacturers can have a bright and prosperous future if they innovate, automate and accelerate,” he said.

“As our industry heads into an exciting period of dynamic change, the best advice I can offer other business leaders is to keep a positive attitude, have a strong sense of self-belief, give back to the community, and surround themselves with like-minded people.”

The Braemar ducted gas heater was awarded as an ABA 100 Winner for Best New Product in The Australian Business Awards later that same day.

Seeley described the 7 star equivalent Braemar ducted gas heater as a “game changer in every sense of the word.”

“It is highly rewarding to receive an award that pays tribute to our unwavering commitment to ever-continuing research, development and innovation,” Seeley said.