For the year ahead.

Schweigen brand ambassador and award-winning kitchen designer, Mal Corboy has provided some key insights into his top kitchen design predictions for 2018.

First and foremost, Corboy says that consumers will choose appliances that offer both innovation and convenience with the rise of the smart home. He believes appliances will become quieter, more precise and connected via smartphone apps.

Schweigen managing director, Anthony Fletcher with brand ambassador, Mal Corboy 

There will also be a clear trend toward strong patterns, textured marbles and granites in the kitchen. Corboy suggests that consumers should add back lighting to create an extra dimension to the design. There will be more products in matte finish, particularly in dark tones such as black. However, the Pantone Colour of the Year – Ultra Violet – will also make its way into the kitchen space.

Commercial cooking methods, including sous vide, will become more common for the residential kitchen. And last but not least, personalisation will be a major trend as consumers look to appliances that meet their home life and cultural needs.