By Sarah Falson
SYDNEY: Bing Lee retail staff should prepare for an in-store competition this month called the Bing Lee $50,000 Shopping Bonanza which gives customers who spend $50 or more and any product at Bing Lee the chance to win $5,000.

The competition is the first of a stream of point of sale marketing that will be rolled our through 2007 to celebrate the retailer’s 50th anniversary.

Every month from March through to December, one Bing Lee customer will win a cash prize.

To enter, customers who spend over $50 – beginning this Sunday 4 march and ending Monday 31 December – music fill in a designated in-store entry form which Bing Lee will supply to its outlets.

“Bing Lee has already sponsored the endangered Francois Langurs monkeys at Taronga Zoo, but now it’s the humans who are going bananas as Bing Lee prepares to give away $50,000,” said the company.

Customers can enter the competition as many times as they like, every time they spend over $50, and the winners will be drawn at the end of each month with results posted on Bing Lee’s website.