By Martin Vedris

BERLIN: CEO of BSH Dr Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet, said in a speech at the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) in Berlin that the higher cost of energy efficient appliances pays for the product in reduced operating costs, which is the main motivation for consumers.

In a statement, BSH said that private households are already the second largest consumer of energy worldwide and the third largest emitter of carbon dioxide. Also, household appliances are reportedly responsible for approximately half of domestic electricity consumption.

BSH also said that it has been systematically reducing the energy and water consumption levels of its appliances since the first oil crisis in the 1970s. The company declares that it was the first major manufacturer to eliminate CFCs and FCs from its cooling appliances and has a policy of introducing energy-efficient appliances in emerging markets.

“This is reflected in our consistently successful business performance”, Gutberlet confirmed at the IFA. “Our appliances on sale across Europe, in virtually every product category, are superior to the rest of the market in terms of their energy efficiency and their impact on the climate.”

Gutberlet said that making an appeal to the consumer’s conscience alone is not enough to persuade consumers to purchase more efficient appliances, that are also more expensive. Many consumers are still not aware, he said, that the money they would save from the enhanced efficiency of these appliances often cancels out the higher price tag within just a few years.

“Households have very few possibilities of defending themselves against rising energy prices, but investing a modest amount in energy-efficient appliances is one such possibility,” Gutberlet stated.