SYDNEY, NSW: Telstra will get first crack at the new BlackBerry Pearl 3G, with the monolithic telco releasing the new handset exclusively later this month. Unfortunately, neither an exact date nor pricing has been officially announced, though it will be available on both business and consumer plans.

Telstra executive director, mobility products, Ross Fielding said the exclusive period will be for the first three months.

“Telstra is pleased to be the launch partner for this slim and powerful smartphone which will be available exclusively for three months on Telstra’s Next G network. Its eye-catching design and smart 20-key QWERTY keyboard with SureType software will win fans amongst people who like to keep in touch via email, text message, through Facebook or via Twitter throughout the day,” Fielding said.

“The BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone features the famous push-based BlackBerry Email experience. It’s light and compact and makes one-handed typing simple. We expect it to be a new ‘must have’ fashion accessory as well as an attractive way for consumers to upgrade from a traditional phone to a smartphone.

“The experience will also include BlackBerry Messenger, an exclusive instant messaging service which allows customers to create groups and share pictures, send voice notes and share calendars with other friends using BlackBerry Messenger.”

Consumers should note that although real pearls traditionally come in both black and white, this Pearl only comes in black.