By Keri Algar

SYDNEY, NSW: BSR Group has acquired one of what is fast becoming many ex LG senior executives and appointed him as its new CEO.

Graham Cunningham, former sales director of LG Electronics, will enter the role of leading the national franchisor group during a time in which the group is experiencing upbeat growth.

Cunningham replaces the Group’s inaugural manager, Ian Brown, who began with the Betta Electrical brand over 16 years ago. Brown has been credited for creating BSR’s positive position during the first four years of its trading.

“The healthy financial position of the BSR Group is due in part to Ian’s stewardship and on behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank Ian for his commitment and dedication to the Group,” said Garry Thyer , BSR Group Chairman of the Board.

Cunningham will begin the new role in November.

Meanwhile, LG has continued to experience major executive reshuffling. Nick Gibson replaced David Brand as Australian marketing director this month and just this week it was announced that Yong Nam has departed his role as LG CEO.