Cuts laundry time by up to half.

The Samsung QuickDrive front loader washing machine unveiled at CES in January is now available locally. Samsung claims QuickDrive reduces laundry cycle times by up to 50% compared to Samsung’s previous washers. It offers the latest in Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, with Samsung SmartThings compatibility and the Q-rator laundry assistant app. It also features Samsung AddWash so consumers can add missed or forgotten items during the wash cycle.

“QuickDrive represents a fundamental change in how we can design and engineer washing machines in order to save people time and helps dramatically cut the time to do laundry,” Samsung Electronics Australia home appliances director, Jeremy Senior said.

The new Q-rator laundry assistant provides more useful connectivity features to help select the optimal wash cycle for each load and can be monitored remotely. QuickDrive’s performance is made possible by its unique Q-Drum, which consists of a ‘main drum’ and a ‘back plate’ that rotate independently, in the same or opposite direction.

According to Samsung the super speed cycle now cuts the time of a lightly soiled 5kg wash to 39 minutes. QuickDrive also features a 15-minute quick wash cycle that allows users to wash up to 2kg of lightly soiled laundry. The Q-rator laundry assistant is also available on the new Samsung 9kg heat pump dryer that can be paired with QuickDrive.

Samsung is offering a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on the QuickDrive until 30 September 2018.