Samsung Electronics has announced its latest Galaxy smartphones, smartwatches and tablets at Unpacked held in Seoul, Korea for the first time this year.

The devices include the fifth generation of Galaxy foldables with the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 both featuring a new integrated hinge module, Galaxy Watch6 and Watch6 Classic designed to help users build healthier habits, and the Galaxy S9 Tab Series boasting an IP68 rating.

Galaxy Z Flip5

The Galaxy Z Flip5 delivers a new Flex Window – 3.78 times larger than the previous generation for more customisation options and a new Flipsuit Case for added protection with a changeable NFC card to match the Flex Window and case designs.

When closed, the Galaxy Z Flip5 offers more usability from the Flex Window. With Widgets, users can check the weather, listen to music, control music playback or check the latest global stock market updates with the Google Finance widget. Simply switch between them with a pinch of the screen to activate Multi Widget View.

Without opening the device, browse through call history and reply to texts using Quick Reply with a full QWERTY keyboard and visibility of chat history. Users can easily check notifications and access Quick Settings for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With a quick swipe up on the screen, access Samsung Wallet to pay on-the-go, access QR codes, membership cards, and digital keys.

Galaxy Z Flip5 also offers a more versatile camera experience thanks to the larger Flex Window and FlexCam to capture hands-free photos. Users can view and edit photos in Flex Mode too. When taking a photo of someone else, Dual Preview lets them see themselves in the Flex Window to make adjustments in real-time. AI solution improvements bring every photo to life with improved Nightography capabilities and digital 10x zoom.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 will be available in Mint, Graphite, Cream and Lavender in 256GB and 512GB variants for RRP $1,649 and $1,849 respectively.

Galaxy Z Fold5

The Galaxy Z Fold5 is the thinnest and lightest Fold yet, offering new features including taskbar, drag and drop and optimisation of third-party apps, while delivering the most powerful performance in the Galaxy Z series.

The improved taskbar allows users to quickly switch between frequently used apps with up to four recent apps ready to view, while enhanced two-handed drag and drop makes moving content between apps and screens more seamless. Simply touch and hold an image in Samsung Gallery with one finger and use another finger to open the Samsung Notes app to drag-and-drop the image. Withhidden pop-up, an app can continue running in the background for when users want to watch video content in full screen and chat with friends in a floating pop-up on the side of the screen. 

The 7.6-inch main screen provides expansive and uninterrupted viewing to enjoy content in portrait or landscape. Plus, peak brightness has increased by more than 30%, up to 1,750 nits, for an optimal viewing experience in all lighting conditions.

TheSnapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy enhances graphics and uses AI to enable dynamic gaming and multi-game functionality. The Galaxy Z Fold5 also boasts an advanced cooling system that dissipates heat more intelligently for less lag and no drop in performance.

The Galaxy Z Fold5 will be available in Phantom Black, Cream and Icy Blue in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB variants for RRP $2,599, $2,799 and $3,149 respectively.

Galaxy Watch6 and Watch6 Classic

The Galaxy Watch6 series packs holistic health offerings and powerful performance in a more refined design, boasting a slimmer bezel, a larger and brighter display, and more interactive user interface. Both models also provide a greater selection of watch faces and new band options.

Galaxy Watch6 series provides meaningful insights and offers personalised and actionable tips, advice and encouragement. Recognising the importance of sleep, Samsung focuses on three key elements: understanding personal sleep patterns, building better habits and establishing a sleep-friendly environment. 

The Galaxy Watch6 series offers in-depth analysis of Sleep Score Factors – total sleep time, sleep cycle, awake time, plus physical and mental recovery; more individualised Sleep Messages and Sleep Consistency showing how consistent sleep and wake times are. Enhanced Sleep Coaching puts sleep insights into action with tailored instructions, tips and reminders.

Fitness features include Body Composition with key physical measurements like skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, body water and body fat percentage, to help set goals, track progress, and guide through personalised fitness. A new Personalised Heart Rate Zone feature can help analyse individual physical capabilities and defines five optimal running intensity levels.

Galaxy Watch6 series brings greater capabilities to the wrist. The new Samsung Walleton Galaxy Watch6 combines Samsung Pay with Samsung Pass to incorporate more of the user’s wallet including boarding passes as well as credit cards and membership cards.

The Galaxy Watch6 in 40mm will be available in Graphite (Bluetooth) and Gold (LTE) variants for RRP $549 and 649. The 44mm in Graphite (Bluetooth) and Silver (LTE) options will be available for RRP $599 and $699 respectively.

The Galaxy Watch6 Classic in 43mm will be available in Black (Bluetooth) and Silver (LTE) variants for RRP $699 and $799 respectively. The 47mm Bluetooth and LTE options will be available for RRP $749 and $849 respectively.

Galaxy Tab S9

The new Galaxy Tab S9 series incorporates three models – Galaxy Tab S9, S9+ and S9 Ultra – featuring dynamic AMOLED 2X displays and Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy. It is the first Galaxy Tab S series to earn an IP68 rating with an IP68-rated S Pen included in the box.

The Galaxy Tab S9 series’ HDR10+ ensures scene-by-scene, frame-by-frame tone optimisation with a wide range of colours and brightness. The dynamic refresh rate automatically calibrates from 60 to 120Hz for enhanced responsiveness with optimised battery efficiency. Eye Comfort helps reduce eye strain with low blue light, reduced by more than 70%.

Sound on the Galaxy Tab S9 series has been enhanced through quad speakers that are 20% larger with sound by AKG speaker system and Dolby Atmos. Users can also choose customised sound settings for gaming, music, video calls and more.

Vision Booster technology automatically detects bright lighting conditions and adapts to keep the screen vivid. With the Smart Book Cover, adjust the device to either portrait or landscape orientation for hands-free viewing.

With Multi Window, up to three apps can display as a grid of adjustable windows. Users can research in a browser, reference an image from Samsung Gallery and sketch ideas in Samsung Notes, simultaneously in one view. With Pop-Up View, apps can be viewed as floating windows while still showing the full home screen. 

The Galaxy Tab S9 Series is available in various memory/storage, connectivity and colour variants with pricing starting from $1,299.

All devices are now available for pre-order in Australia with general availability starting 18 August 2023.