Samsung Australia has launched its AirDresser clothing care system via an online virtual event with a select group of media.

The AirDresser is designed to refresh and sanitise clothes between washes, by removing germs, allergens and dust using a combination of Samsung’s Jet Air technology and Air Hangers with high-temperature steam that permeates deep into fabric.

Heat pump technology gently dries clothes at a low temperature while minimising heat damage and shrinkage, while Wrinkle Care helps smooth out wrinkles using steam and air, reducing the need for ironing.

Further, when the door is left open, a dehumidification cycle draws in and extracts moisture from the air, then expels dry air to remove excess moisture and prevent mould growing.

Using Samsung SmartThings, the AirDresser can recommend the optimal cycle for various fabrics and users can input the fabric to access more specialist cycles. The system does not need to be affixed or plumbed.

Samsung Australia head of consumer electronics, Jeremy Senior said, “With AirDresser, we are helping Australians to quickly and easily refresh and care for their clothes, while also enjoying peace of mind that comes with the elimination of dust and odours. Whether due to issues of poor air quality or heightened awareness of everyday hygiene measures, consumers are more conscious of the spread of odours and germs than ever before, which is why AirDresser is so relevant to many Australians.”

The Samsung AirDresser is now available from select retailers for RRP $3,999.