The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 smartphone series marked the beginning of the company’s mobile AI era and commitment to introducing Galaxy AI on a wider range of devices in the future.

Now Samsung has confirmed the expansion of Galaxy AI to its new Galaxy Watch, enhancing popular health features to provide users with advanced intelligence for more holistic health insights and motivation to improve daily wellness.

The update will add a suite of new health features including Energy Score, delivering a combined analysis of personal health metrics including sleep time average, sleep time consistency, bed/wake time consistency, sleep timing, previous day activity, sleeping heart rate and heart rate variability.

Newly added sleep indicators include movement during sleep, sleep latency, heart rate and respiratory rate during sleep to offer a more detailed and accurate analysis of sleep quality.

Wellness Tips are designed to help reach personal health goals by offering insights, motivational tips and guidance based on specific goals.

New fitness tracking tools including detailed Aerobic Threshold (AT) / Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) Heart Rate Zone metrics support efficient running while quickly analysing performance. Functional Threshold Power (FTP)metrics can be calculatedfor cyclists in just 10 minutes.

These new features will be available on the next Galaxy Watch line-up via One UI 6 Watch, available later this year.