A new category for the market.

At its Regional Forum in Singapore this week, Samsung highlighted the key products across its home appliance and AV divisions that were first presented at CES in January.  Samsung’s QLED TVs are the flagship product of its AV business in 2017, with pricing and availability yet to be confirmed. As picture quality and design become key purchase considerations, Samsung believes QLED will perfectly meet consumer needs, particularly as consumers shift to the premium end.

Samsung group product manager for TV and AV, Hass Mahdi explained why QLED is the most superior technology on the market.  “QLED TV, and more specifically, Quantum Dot technology, is a journey that Samsung has been on for about two years now. In 2017, the product that you see here today is what we call the QLED, which is essentially a new category in the television market. We are also now thinking about how we can take picture quality to the next level by responding to consumer pain points,” Mahdi said.


There are three pillars key to Samsung’s QLED offering:

  1. Picture quality
  2. Design – aesthetics and functionality
  3. Smart offering and enhanced connectivity

“Quantum Dot technology enables three things: firstly, the nano size nature of the material means it can produce almost any colour possible, which differs from other existing technologies; secondly, Quantum Dot is luminous efficient, which means that any colour it produces will be without loss of light or no impact to brightness – this is unique because traditional trade-offs with TV and picture quality is between colour and brightness; and thirdly, its durable nature because it is an inorganic substance so the colour and picture quality it produces will not degrade over time,” he said.

“In 2017, Samsung will be introducing a new alloy material so the Quantum Dot itself will now have an alloy coating, which enables a number of improvements, such as brightness. It is now capable of producing 2,000 nits brightness, in comparison to 1,000 nits offered with our 2016 SUHD range.

“With picture quality, we talk about colour, contrast and brightness. In relation to colour, we are now able to produce 100% colour volume in the 3D colour space – a first for the TV market – because traditionally TVs can only produce approximately between 68% and 70%. This is important for the Australian market as we often watch TV in brighter spaces with 70% of Australian consumers living in open plan spaces. QLED technology also eliminates colour being lost or washed out if you are sitting on an angle watching TV, unlike our 2016 range,” he explained.

Furthermore, the new transparent optical connection cable means there are almost no wires in view and the no gap wall mount is easy to install and positions the TV very close to the wall. The Samsung QLED TV range will be available in three sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch. There will also be a number of stand options for the TVs to suit varying aesthetic preferences.