But will continue to invest in QLED.

At an exclusive Southeast Asian Tech Summit held in Vietnam, Samsung confirmed that microLED is the next big project on its television roadmap. As a very scalable, and therefore, commercially viable product, the company claims that it will be a key technology within the future TV market.

Earlier this year, Samsung began to commercialise microLED technology with its CinemaScreen display, which has been installed in commercial cinemas to replace conventional projection systems.

At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled its self-emissive 146-inch LED modular display, The Wall, which the company says will be commercialised in the second half of this year.

Following the introduction of The Wall, Samsung plans to further reduce the size of the LED emitter and the pixel pitch to facilitate 4K microLED TVs with a smaller screen size.

The quantum dots on Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV emit light when stimulated by blue light. Going forward, the blue LEDs in the backlight will move from standard LEDs to microLEDs to allow for higher density full array local dimming backlights to greatly improve picture performance.

While not industry-accepted definition of microLEDs exists, Samsung defines them as LEDs that enable pixel pitches of less than one millimetre.

Quantum dots can also be stimulated to emit light when driven with electricity, not light, and Samsung has confirmed that this technology is on the roadmap for future QLED TVs.

Appliance Retailer attended the Tech Summit in Vietnam as a guest of Samsung.