Samsung is launching its AI Family Hub French Door refrigerator with enhanced connectivity and AI capabilities.

The refrigerator’s 21.5-inch screen features the new AI Vision Inside, which uses an internal camera to recognise up to 33 different food items that are put into and taken out of the refrigerator and suggests recipes using those ingredients.

Users can also set use by dates on the AI Family Hub screen for food items and the refrigerator will send a notification when the set date draws near, designed to help reduce food waste.

AI Family Hub makes it easy to control the refrigerator while allowing households to share photos and messages, watch YouTube videos, listen to music and access information through the internet app.

With SmartThings Energy, households can monitor their energy consumption in real time, compare it to the previous month and be alerted if the estimated energy usage exceeds the pre-set target. SmartThings Home Care provides real-time monitoring and alerts for households to check on the refrigerator’s status, including the water filter. It automatically notifies the user if parts need replacing, or issues are detected and suggests a solution.

The refrigerator can connect to other appliances in the home, in addition to other compatible smart home devices.

Beyond smart connectivity, the refrigerator offers Triple Cooling technology, supplying cool air independently to the three compartments and helping maintain the optimal temperature and humidity in each compartment. The Metal Cooling duct helps maintain a consistent internal temperature.

The water dispenser is hidden inside the door for a flat external design and easy access to the Beverage Centre including a 1.4L autofill water jug, water dispenser and drinks storage. The dual auto ice maker serves both regular cubed ice and ice bites and is capable of making up to 2.3kg of ice per day or storing up to 3.1kg at a time.

The Digital Inverter Compressor adjusts operating speed in response to cooling demand and is backed by a 20-year limited parts warranty.

Samsung Australia vice president of consumer electronics, Jeremy Senior said, “Over the past decade, Samsung has invested in AI and product connectivity solidifying our dedication to improving Australians daily lives through innovative, connected home solutions.

“By seamlessly integrating AI, our home appliances continue to bring meaningful innovation, while redefining convenience in the home. From streamlining daily tasks to conserving energy, we’re committed to providing consumers with solutions at every touch point, enabling them to focus on what truly matters.”

Pricing for the Samsung AI Family Hub starts from $5,099 and can be purchased from the Samsung Australia website and select retailers.