Samsung has once again hosted its annual Regional Forum in Bali, Indonesia, bringing together representatives from the company’s Asia Pacific and Australian markets for a dedicated spotlight on consumer electronics and appliances.

Targeted at the Asia Pacific region, the Regional Forum is one of a number held around the world every year, designed to provide localised information and product details for specific markets. As part of the APAC region, Australia gets a sneak peek of a number of products designed specifically for Asian markets that won’t be launched locally (last year’s show played host to an array of entry-level smartphones designed for emerging markets as well as a delightful flower-printed refrigerator that was being pitched at the company’s home Korean market).

Despite this regional focus, the show also plays host to a number of products that will launch in Australia in the coming months. Samsung used last year’s Regional Forum to showcase a number of new appliances and AV products, including the brand’s SodaStream refrigerator, the Navibot CornerClean robot vacuum and even a microwave capable of making yoghurt. 

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As was the case at the 2014 International CES, this year’s Regional Forum has divided its time between consumer electronics — including AV products, tablets, digital imaging and the brand’s Ativ PC range — as well as “digital appliances”.

In the CE space, the focus has been on the new interchangeable lens NX30 camera, the Android-driven Galaxy Camera 2 and the Samsung’s Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO.

Speaking to Appliance Retailer last month, Samsung Electronics Australia corporate vice president of consumer electronics, Phil Newton, said the NotePRO is set to be a major product launch for the Australian market this year, with Samsung keen to fight the “massive erosion in the notebook space” and capitalise on the “massive increase in the tablet space” by bringing out a product that offers notebook features in a tablet form factor.

In the creatively-titled “digital appliances” space, Samsung has made good on last year’s tease of a Food Showcase refrigerator, showing off a model that will launch in the region this year. There is also a new washing machine (WW9000) which promises “less noise, less vibration [and] more performance” as well as the “striking” AR9000 air conditioner which offers features including a Virus Doctor to eliminate bugs in the air and an updated triangular design.

The global CEO and president of Samsung’s Consumer Electronics Business, BK Yoon, talked up this appliance:

R&D and design play a key role in how we develop our products as we’re always focused on improving our customers’ day to day experience with technology. We’re especially proud when we are able to create products that address future needs, those that the consumer isn’t even fully aware of, such as what we have been able to achieve with this new air conditioner.

The unique design and cooling capabilities bring the ultimate in comfort to our customers, while weve embedded smart features to ensure it’s a convenient smart appliance for years to come. That’s the definition of true innovation.