From world-class testing association.

Samsung Electronics 2017 QLED TV, first unveiled at CES 2017, has received verification from world-class testing and certification association, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE) for its ability to produce 100% color volume. The verification is a mark of the QLED TV’s ability to provide a consistently high quality picture to viewers.

Color volume measures two elements of the TV with three-dimensional space – the color gamut and the brightness level. The color gamut looks at the largest amount of colors that can be displayed physically. The peak brightness represents the display’s maximum brightness level.

Samsung Electronics executive VP of visual display, JongHee Han said, “The ‘100% color volume’ verification awarded to Samsung’s QLED TV signifies the excellence of our product and its revolutionary picture quality. As the global TV market leader for 11 consecutive years, we are thrilled to be leading the TV industry into a world of Quantum dot-powered displays featuring the best available picture quality.”

‘100% color volume’ presents color that can be expressed regardless of the different levels of brightness. The Samsung QLED TV can capture even the subtlest differences in color pertaining to brightness and therefore, deliver the truest HDR picture quality.

Samsung’s QLED TV uses a new metal Quantum Dot material making it possible for the TV to express a significantly improved range of color and peak brightness with much greater detail compared to conventional TVs. The new Quantum dots also allow the Samsung QLED TV to express deep blacks.