With focus on colour.

Last week, Samsung Australia was host to a four-day event, QLED Live, to convey the sensory use of colour. The event celebrated the immersive viewing experience delivered by Quantum Dot technology.

Guests were guided through a series of rooms with vivid colours from red and blue to green and black. The event also featured a product showcase integrated with social media tools for attendees to share their experience online.

Sasmung Australia director of audio visual, Mark Warburton said, “Samsung’s QLED TVs provide an unrivalled viewing experience, which QLED Live takes to the next level. We brought the perfect combination of light and colour to Australians, regardless of their understanding of TV technology. This event was not just telling a story about TV technology, rather, the power of colour and how it can impact people’s emotions when watching their favourite TV content.”

“The power of the idea comes from a tailored customer-centric approach to understanding the ways Australians experience colour, which is primarily through the TV.”

The concept was developed by Samsung with agency, Society Sydney, and was held at Commune in Sydney’s Waterloo.