Flight Facilities perform at the Samsung audio launch.
Flight Facilities perform at the Samsung audio launch.

Australian DJ duo, Flight Facilities helped Samsung launch its new range of audio products last night, performing in a restored warehouse adorned with vintage motorbikes. Samsung said the new Multiroom audio system was all about embracing the social experience of listening to music.

Brad Wright, director of audio visual for Samsung Electronics Australia reminisced about the sound tracks of family road trips past and admitted to the crowd his first cassette purchase was John Farnham’s Whispering Jack.

“The process of doing this made me take a step back and think about music and what it meant to me and how I got to now,” he said.

“Everything that’s great about music is a social experience, think about all your great memories that revolve around the consumption of music usual involve people other than just yourself.

“The social experience of music is always something that adds to our enjoyment of it and that’s really important for us from a Samsung sound point of view, that’s really what it’s all about.”

The new range of audio products are all connected and controlled via Samsung’s Multiroom Link App, available on Android and iOS. Using an existing Wi-Fi network, sound can be sent to different speakers around the house, for example cricket commentary from the TV can be sent to a bedroom speaker or different songs streaming from Spotify can be played in different rooms simultaneously. Samsung said it has tested the system using up to 12 speakers.

The app also shows you what music is being played in different parts in the house and can be controlled from a smartphone, a useful feature for parents wanting to turn down their moody teen’s music selection.

The new range includes the triangular M5 and M7 Multiroom speakers, a 320W Soundbar, and the 1330W Home Theatre System. The products complement Samsung’s 2014 range of Smart TVs, launched earlier this month and are all already available.

One product on show last night which isn’t available until July, is the Link Mate Box (RRP $449). It’s main use is to connect existing products to your new Samsung sound system. It has both input and output so a CD player or turntable can be plugged into the input, and the device will appear on the Multiroom app so you can send that sound to any of the connected speakers.

“Home audio has come a long way. It is no longer about simply listening to music from a single room, as Samsung believes that people are seeking a solution that is versatile enough to provide a great sound experience around the home and that can integrate with multiple sources whether it be a compatible smartphone or selected online streaming service,” Wright said.

The Multiroom system supports selected online music services such as Pandora, Spotify Connect, TuneIn Radio, Deezer, Rdio, and 8Tracks. It doesn’t support Samsung Music Hub streaming service.

Speaking about the official partnership with Samsung, says Rick Gleave director of business development, Pandora ANZ said, “The connected media landscape has undergone significant changes over recent years, moving quickly to meet consumer expectation for convenient access to content.”

“With Australians now owning an average of seven connected devices, we must respond to allow consumers more choices in how they want to experience their content.”

Music streaming app Pandora Internet Radio can now be used on compatible 2011 to 2014 models of Samsung Smart TVs.

The M5 and M7 differ in size, both are equipped with Bluetooth and NFC technology so guests can play sound from their smart phones directly through the speakers, without having to download anything. Minimalist triangular design available in black or white can be which can be laid flat, propped up or wall mounted into a corner. They also have a button which directly switches on the radio.

And for a little more nostalgia, we leave you with the Flight Facilities 2013 mashup of music and news headlines from 2002 to 2012. https://soundcloud.com/flightfacilities/ff2002-2012decade

Samsung Multiroom M5 Speaker
Samsung Multiroom M5 Speaker, RRP $399
Samsung Multiroom M7
Samsung Multiroom M7 speaker, RRP $499
Samsung Series 7 Soundbar Speaker, RRP $
Samsung Series 7 Soundbar Speaker, RRP $899


Samsung Series 7 Home Theatre System, RRP $

Samsung Series 7 Home Theatre System, RRP $1,099